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Public Procurement

In the area of public procurement REVICKY a partneri s.r.o. provides mainly the following legal services

  • Analysis of the relevant markets, as well as recommendations for following particular methods of public procurement, while taking account of the individual features of the client’s business and/or industry, type, volume and timing of procurement of the particular service, work or product in compliance with the Act No. 26/2006 Coll., as amended, ("Public Procurement Act")
  • Provided that the conditions for statutory exceptions are met in the particular procurement, recommendation to apply a non-competitive procurement method
  • In cases where the Public Procurement Act applies, recommendation to apply the most viable procurement method and tailor-made procurement conditions followed by realization of the selected procurement method
  • Consultancy aimed at improving the client’s internal public procurement-related organization, structure and processes – following an analysis of the existing situation, we propose measures aimed at its streamlining, compliance with legal regulations, including modification, and/or drafting of necessary internal legislation as well as drafting or modification of sample procurement contracts
  • Provision of legal opinions related to the Public Procurement Act and EU public procurement law applicability
  • Ongoing monitoring of new legislation, decisions of Public Procurement Authority, as well as their current prevailing interpretation
  • Recommendation for handling a request for remediation, including a written opinion and/or preparing a written opinion on a protest
  • Representing the client in proceedings before the Public Procurement Authority.