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Energy Law

The transformation and continuing liberalization of the energy industry presents new challenges and opportunities for all participants both in Slovakia and in the EU. The changes in the regulatory environment, from regimes dominated by a single national company to wider competitive markets has brought with it new participants in the energy market and new challenges for those already involved.

REVICKY a partneri s.r.o. helps clients to successfully handle those changes in the energy industry. Representing Slovakia's premier companies operating in the gas, electricity and energy industry service sectors, our law firm has the in-depth energy industry knowledge to advise its clients in this rapidly changing sector.

We assist our clients in connection with a wide range of commercial transactions, preparing and commenting on contracts, solving operational issues, regulatory compliance, analyses of complex legal issues involving EU law, commenting on drafts of energy-related legislation, and a broad range of other legal matters. Being strict with the legal aspects of our work, we try to be practical - our clients can rely on us for realistic and business oriented advice.