REVICKY a partneri s.r.o.
Krčméryho 16
811 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
+421 911 492 225


The law firm REVICKY a partneri s.r.o. is a Slovak law firm providing comprehensive legal advice to clients, both from the Slovak Republic and abroad. We combine legal expertise and experience with business oriented legal advice. We believe that advocates should work with clients to exploit their business opportunities rather than to banish them.

Our clients range in size from small family-owned business to large corporations - all of them receive personalized legal assistance.

Foreign companies investing in Slovakia appreciate our practical advice, Slovak business insight, and our ability to put ourselves into the shoes of a foreign investor wishing to invest in the Slovak Republic. We pay constant attention to our clients needs, trying to understand their business and their industry. We can deal with any aspect of business in Slovakia, whether it is the company's formation, real estate purchase, litigation or labor and employee law.

Our main specialty is public procurement. Both our partners provide consulting services mainly through our public procurement consultancy firm Tatra Tender s.r.o. founded in 2008.

In 2009, in a pursuit of even more client friendly standard of legal services provision, our law firm was transformed to a limited liability company providing legal services, ensuring the higher mandatory insurance of the damage that could arise as a result of provision of legal services (EUR 1,500,000).

Main members of our team

Juraj Revický is an Attorney at Law, who specializes in its professional practice on providing legal services in the area of public procurement, commercial, energy and competition law.

He has been an advocate since 2002, cooperating with the multinational law firm Weinhold Legal v.o.s. until 2005, when he started his independent legal practice. In the process, he has been active providing services for various multinational, as well as local companies. He provides services in Slovak, English and Russian.

Vladimír Oros is a partner of REVICKY a partneri s.r.o. In his professional practice he specializes on providing legal services in the area of public procurement and energy law.

He is a qualified public procurement person with 13 years experience in public procurement area. Currently, he is also a regular member of protest commissions of the Public Procurement Office.